Male Psychology Conference, 2019, University College London, 21-22 June

In 2019 the conference will take place on Friday 21st and Sat 22nd at University College London

In 2019 we will not only have the latest from the world of academic Male Psychology, but also a parallel strand of workshops and non-academic material, such as poetry, music and comedy. If you know of anyone who you would like to see at the conference, please let us know (email


Submitting your proposed presentation or activity for the conference

Deadline for submissions: 5pm 31st Jan 2019.


Abstract submission guidelines for academic work

  • Abstracts must be related to male psychology
  • All abstracts must be in English
  • The abstract title must be brief and specific.
  • Abstracts must be in the format of: Background, Methods, Results, Conclusions.
  • Author(s) names must be indicated
  • Provide affiliation (University/Organisation etc) and city for all presenters.
  • Abstracts to be no more than 300 words long
  • Do not include tables or graphs
  • State whether you prefer your submission to be an oral presentation or a poster


For non-academic submissions (workshops, activities, comedy etc)

  • Please email us with a clear description of what you want to do
  • State how much much time you will need
  • State how much space you will need
  • Tell us what materials you will need, and whether you will be providing them or not


Email your submission to the Organising Committee by 5pm 31st Jan 2019:





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