Why a Male Psychology Section?

For a number of years now, there has been a growing awareness that some issues affect men and boys more than women and girls. One obvious example is that suicide rates are roughly three times higher in men than women. Despite this and other important gender differences (for example in addiction, homelessness, imprisonment and educational performance) there has been relatively little attention paid - even within our own discipline of psychology - to why males are disproportionately affected by these serious issues. The aim of the proposed Male Psychology Section therefore is simple: it is for the BPS to take a lead in promoting awareness, research and understanding of male gender psychology. The Male Psychology Section will thus help to expand our overall understanding of the full diversity of the human condition and enrich our understanding of men and women, both in their differences and also in their common humanity.

Psychology is a field that was dominated by men for many years, so it is perhaps easy to forget that today psychology has become a field that attracts more women than men, and indeed there has been a BPS section for the psychology of women since 1988. Given the significance of the problems experienced by men and boys today, we believe that the time is long overdue for the establishment of a Male Psychology Section of the BPS.

The initial proposal to form a new Male Psychology Section has been endorsed by the BPS Board of Trustees, having met the requirements of Rule 37 (1) In compliance with the Charter Statutes and Rules.

To meet the requirements of Rule 37 (2) we require at least one per cent of Society members to vote for the new Section. If you are a member of the BPS, you are invited to vote for the formation of the Section by clicking here

If you encounter any problems while casting your vote please get in touch with John Barry directly. 

Please also consider voting on any of the other proposed sections for the British Psychology Society. All information about these can be found here