June 2017

PhD studentship- Body Image, Appearance and Physical Activity after Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer (Uploaded: 14/06/2017)
University of the West of England, Bristol

Associate Clinical Tutor – Autism Spectrum Disorder & Learning Difficulties (ASDLD) & Core Skills, CYP IAPT (Uploaded: 13/06/2017)
Anna Freud Centre

Lecturer or Senior Lecturer in Criminology
Edge Hill University (Uploaded: 13/06/2017)

Practice Tutor – Autism Spectrum Disorder & Learning Difficulties (ASDLD) & Core Skills, CYP IAPT (Uploaded: 13/06/2017)
Anna Freud Centre

Associate Professor of Digital Technology and Mental Health  (Uploaded: 13/06/2017)
University of Nottingham

2 x PT Lecturers in Psychology – Wembley (Uploaded: 13/06/2017)

Lecturer in Cognitive and Biological Psychology – UCFB Wembley Stadium (Uploaded: 13/06/2017)

Client Systems Support Officer (Uploaded: 12/06/2017)
ManKind Counselling

MPhil studentship within the Department of Sports and Exercise (Uploaded: 07/06/2017)
University of Winchester


May 2017

Senior Lecturer in Applied Sport Psychology (Uploaded: 24/05/2017)
School of Sport, Health and Applied Science
St Mary's University, Twickenham

Lecturer in Criminology (Uploaded: 24/05/2017)
Social and Political Science
University of Chester

March 2017

PhD - Suicidal behaviour in Autism Spectrum Conditions: A Test of the Interpersonal Psychological Theory of Suicide (Uploaded: 29/03/2017)
Coventry University

Teaching Fellow - Low Intensity Psychological Interventions (Uploaded: 29/03/2017)
University of Surrey

Postdoctoral Researcher in developmental psychology/neuroscience and autism (Uploaded: 29/03/2017)

University of Reading

Senior Lecturer in Forensic Psychology (Uploaded: 29/03/2017)
Royal Holloway University of London

Tutor - Public Services and Criminology (Uploaded: 22/03/2017)

The Manchester College

Senior Public Health Research Assistant - Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) (Uploaded: 22/03/2017)
Public Health Wales 

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Clinical or Forensic Psychology (Uploaded: 14/03/2017)
Nottingham Trent University

Senior Lecturer/Reader in Sport & Exercise Psychology (Uploaded: 14/03/2017)
Loughborough University

Graduate Teaching Assistant and Studentship in Criminology (Uploaded: 12/03/2017)
University of Leicester

Graduate Research Assistant and Studentship in Criminology (Uploaded: 12/03/2017)
University of Leicester

Senior Lecturer in Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology (Uploaded: 08/03/2017)
University of Chichester

Lecturer in Criminology (Uploaded: 08/03/2017)
Royal Holloway, University of London


February 2017

Research Assistant: socio-cognitive abilities in autism (ASD) compared to synaesthesia (Uploaded: 28/02/2017)

University of Cambridge

Post Doctoral Researcher: Impact of business failure on entrepreneurs (Uploaded: 28/02/2017)

Swansea University - School of Management

Professor (Leadership) (Uploaded: 22/02/2017)

University of Exeter

Funded PhD: Assessing Case Formulation within the Offender Personality Disorder Pathway (Uploaded: 22/02/2017)

Swansea University 

Director of Services, UK Men's Sheds (Uploaded: 21/02/2017)

Home working

Associate Professor/Lecturer in Coaching (Uploaded: 15/02/2017)

University of Reading - Henley Business School



January 2017

Lecturer in Forensic/Investigative Psychology (Uploaded: 22/01/2017)

Birmingham City University

Assistant Professor of Forensic Psychology (Uploaded: 22/01/2017)

University of Nottingham

Research Assistant - ADHD (Uploaded: 22/01/2017)

King's College London

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Sport & Exercise Science (Biomechanics; Psychology) x 2 (Uploaded: 22/01/2017)

Middlesex University

Research Fellow in Psychology – drink driving (Uploaded: 22/01/2017)

University of Greenwich 

Post-doctoral Research Associate – military veterans (Uploaded: 22/01/2017)

King's College London 

Research Associate – reducing suicide (with Prof Rory O’Connor) (Uploaded: 22/01/2017)

University of Glasgow



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Senior Research & Evaluation Officer (Uploaded: 23/12/2013) 

Mind, London

Research Associate / Research Fellow in Clinical Psychology: Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC) (Uploaded: 17/12/2016)

Coventry University

PhD (funded) - Reduction of Suicide using Structured Professional Judgment (Uploaded: 17/12/2016)

Swansea University

Professor in Forensic Psychology (Uploaded: 17/12/2016)

Edinburgh Napier University

Senior Lecturer in Criminology (Uploaded: 17/12/2016)

Leeds Becket University

Research Assistant/Associate: psychology of radicalisation (Uploaded: 17/12/2016)

University College London

Research Assistant: identifying early signs of ADHD and autism (Uploaded: 07/12/2016)

Birkbeck, University of London

Funded MSc:  Motivation & Social Interaction in an Interactive Online Exercise Intervention (Uploaded: 07/12/2016)

Swansea University

Part Time Research Associate: Drawings by children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Williams Syndrome (WS) (Uploaded: 07/12/2016)

Lancester University

Research Assistant – Sports as a way of helping young offenders (Uploaded: 03/12/2016)

Middlesex University

PhD (funded): Sex differences in cognition and communication in dementia (Uploaded: 02/11/2016)

University of Sheffield

PhD (funded): Safety on a complex construction project (Uploaded: 02/11/2016)

Loughborough University

PhD (funded): Development of antisocial behaviour (Uploaded: 30/11/2016)

University of Sheffield

PhD (funded): Sex hormones & brain activity in risk-taking & antisocial behaviour in adolescence (Uploaded: 30/11/2016)

University of Sheffield

PhD (funded): Compare CBT to Behavioural Activation (Uploaded: 11/11/2016)

University of Exeter

Lecturer & Senior Lecturer in Criminology (Uploaded: 11/11/2016)

Leeds Trinity University

Lecturer/ Senior Lecturer in Forensic Criminology/Forensic Psychology (Uploaded: 11/11/2016)

Middlesex University

PhD (funded): Team resilience in the army (Uploaded: 09/11/2016)

Curtin University, Australia

Research Fellow – Understanding Organised Crime and Terrorist Networks (Uploaded: 09/11/2016)

University of Leeds

Four (!) PhD opportunities in Clinical Trials methodology (Uploaded: 09/11/2016)

Link I | Link II | Link III | Link IV

University of Leeds

Lecturer / Senior Lecturer in Forensic / Occupational Psychology (Uploaded: 09/11/2016)

University of Worcester

PhD: Exploring the neural effects of interventions for autism (Uploaded: 22/10/2016)

KU Leuven University, Belgium

Clinical Lead – Children & Young people's IAPT (Uploaded: 20/10/2016)

University of Exeter

Forensic Psychologist for senior students (aged 11 – 18) (Uploaded: 13/10/2016)

Milton Keynes

Senior Clinical Psychologist in Child & adolescent Mental Health (Uploaded: 11/10/2016)

New Zealand – Taranaki Island

Clinical or Forensic Psychologist (sexual misconduct) (Uploaded: 08/10/2016)

Mentor Forensic Services; Midlands/North of England

Research Fellow: RCT for suicidal thoughts on psychosis (Uploaded: 08/10/2016)
The University of Manchester

Research Assistant: App for alcoholism in ex-military (Uploaded: 08/10/2016)

University of Liverpool

Senior Lecturer in Psychology (Forensic/Crime) (Uploaded: 08/10/2016)

Leeds Becket University

Research Assistant: Study of gay father families (Uploaded: 04/10/2016)

University of Cambridge

Studentship in Neuroscience of TV & Advertising (Uploaded: 04/10/2016)

Durham University (funded by Channel 4)

PhD (funded) on building site safety (Uploaded: 01/10/2016)

Loughborough University

Lecturer in biological psychology (Uploaded: 01/10/2016)

University of West of Scotland

Trainee tutor – Autism (Uploaded: 28/09/2016)

BeyondAutism, London

Research Fellow – partly about Aspergers (Uploaded: 28/09/2016)

University of York

Senior Psychologist – challenging behaviour (Uploaded: 27/09/2016)

Imagine Health, Dublin

2x Assistant Psychologist (Uploaded: 27/09/2016)

Livability, Nash College, Bromley

Multi-systemic therapist for young people with antisocial behaviour (Uploaded: 20/09/2016)

Action for Children, Colchester, UK

Senior Lecturer – Communication & Applied Behavioural Science Department (Uploaded: 14/09/2016)

The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

Research Assistant – Autism (Uploaded: 14/09/2016)

University of Cambridge Autism Research Centre

Assistant Professor in Gender and Security (Uploaded: 14/09/2016)

London School of Economics and Political Science

Lecturer / Senior Lecturer in Forensic Psychology (Uploaded: 14/09/2016)

Bath Spa University

Research Associate - Autism (Uploaded: 13/09/2016)

University of Cambridge

Senior Research Associate in Suicide Research (Uploaded: 13/09/2016)

University of Bristol

Lecturer / Senior Lecturer in Forensic in Investigative Psychology (Uploaded: 13/09/2016)

Birmingham City University

Research Assistant (Uploaded: 13/09/2016)

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Lecturer in Mental Health / Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner (Uploaded: 12/09/2016)

Teesside University

Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology (Uploaded: 12/09/2016)

University of Portsmouth

Postdoc researcher: alcohol & violence (Uploaded: 12/09/2016)

University of Liverpool

Lecturer in Forensic Clinical Psychology (Uploaded: 09/09/2016)

University of Birmingham

Teaching Fellow (Forensic Tutor) (Uploaded: 09/09/2016)

University of Birmingham

Research Assistant - Autism (Uploaded: 09/09/2016)

Oxford University

Post-doctorial Research Officer (Uploaded: 09/09/2016)

Bangor University

Senior Lecturer in e-Mental Health (Uploaded: 09/09/2016)

King's College London

Lecturer in Forensic Psychology (Uploaded: 06/09/2016)

University of South Wales

Research Associate: Antisocial Behaviour in Children (Uploaded: 06/09/2016)

The University of Sheffield

Research Assistant: Treatment Resistant Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in military veterans (Uploaded: 06/09/2016)

Cardiff University

Tower Hamlets Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service ( East London NHS Foundation Trust)is looking for the following to work with children and young people with mental health difficulties and their families

  • Child Psychotherapist
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Family Therapist
  • Nurse

Forensic Mental Health Practitioner (Uploaded:03/09/2016)

London Forensic Service

Research Fellow (Uploaded: 03/09/2016)

University of Greenwich

Research Assistant (Uploaded: 01/09/2016)

East Anglia University

Fully Funded PhD Studentship in Sport Psychology (Uploaded: 01/09/2016)

University of South Wales

School psychologist (Uploaded: 26/08/2016)

Harrow School

Lecturer in Criminology (Uploaded: 25/08/2016)

University of Hull

MSc by Research Studentship: Novel Physical Activity Interventions for Children (Uploaded 19/08/2016)

Swansea University

Forensic Psychologist/Lead for Sex Offender Treatment (Uploaded 19/08/2016)

Turning Point, Her Majesty's Prison Ashfield, Bristol